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Mexico chat

Mexico Chat

Hey, welcome to one of the best and most popular chat rooms, the simplest way to meet online people from Mexico. This is the most popular and #1 Mexicon chat room without registration, and it allows you to find people to chat with strangers to make new friends without using your real identity. There is no signup or registration required to join chat; it is free, and without registration, you just have to choose a good nickname to start chatting with people. It's our promise to give you the best place as your home where you can feel secure and enjoy your time in the Mexico chat room Powered by

***** NickServ Help *****

This will register your current nickname with NickServ.

This will allow you to assert some form of identity on

the network and to be added to access lists. Furthermore,.

NickServ will warn users using your nick without.

identifying and allow you to kill ghosts.

The password is a case-sensitive password that you make.

up. Please write down or memorize your password! You.

will need it later to change settings.

follow the instructions in the message sent to the email

Syntax: REGISTER password email-address

Examples: /msg NickServ REGISTER nick-passwd [email protected]

***** End of Register Help *****
***** Nick Login/Identify Help *****

require you to be logged in.

Syntax: IDENTIFY password

Example:/ns id password

***** End of Nick Login Help *****

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